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Wonder Woman Entire Plot Leaks & Breakdown!

The Entire Plot to Wonder Woman seems to have leaked online from early Test Screenings! Read or Watch it here!


Movie begins on present day with Diana living in Paris. Apparently she split after the events of BvS. She gets a letter from Bruce Wayne asking her to join his team and writes him a lengthy e-mail with her life story, which is the framing device of the movie.

>Basically, Zeus creates humanity, Ares gets butthurt and corrupts them with the concept of war, which makes him the strongest god. Zeus creates the Amazons to spread peace, Ares gets double butthurt and enslaves them. Zeus frees them and creates Themyscira, but is then murdered by Ares. Amazons swear off on humanity.

It’s World War I, and Steve Trevor steals a notebook that the Germans have been using to create chemical weapons and flees on a stolen airplane. The Germans catch up to him and both crash-land in Themyscira. The Amazons kill the Germans and arrest Trevor. He says he’s trying to stop the war and shows them the book. It has a bunch of spells and Diana deduces Ares is behind the war. The amazons don’t want to get involved so Diana volunteers to escort Trevor back to Men’s World and stop Ares. Diana steals the Godkiller sword to do so.

Wonder Woman (2017) Gal Gadot

>In America Diana befriends Steve’s secretary Etta Candy and Steve convinces his superiors that the Germans are creating chemical weapons and is sent to stop them. He assembles a team that includes Diana and Etta as well as a comic relief actor con man played by Ewem Bremner; a sniper played by Saiid Taghmaoui and a Indian smuggler played by Eugene Brave Rock. They are completely useless. They meet up with a wimpy science officer played by David Thewlis.

>Danny Huston is a German officer who wants to take over the world and is really generic. He huffs on a blue gas that gives him superstrength. Elena Anaya is Doctor Poison and is horribly scarred and creating the chemical weapons. She’s also kinda useless but at least looks cool.

>Diana and Steve fall in love and Diana fights Danny Huston’s men a bunch of times. In one such attack Etta is killed and Diana wants to ragequit humanity. The tone is fairly bleak and dark and Diana kills A LOT of people. Mostly in slow-mo.

Long story short the mystic chemical weapon that Doctor Poison created for Ares causes people to go berserk on each other. It will make everyone kill each other and make Ares super-mega-powerful.


>Diana and her crew attack the German outpost and Diana quickly disposes of Danny Huston. It turns out Thewlis was Ares all along. He gets super-buff and destroys the Godkiller and sends out a plane to spread the gas all over the world.

>Ares beats Diana and reveals that she’s the actual daughter of Zeus rather than being a clay statue brought to life by him as her mother had told her. He says humans are only capable of war and that’s why he’ll win.image

>Steve saves Diana and tells her he loves her then jumps into the plane and flies it way above the camp. Steve then shoots the fuel tank thus blowing himself up to destroy the gas. Diana gets pissed and tells Ares that he’s wrong because humans are also capable of love.

>It turns out Diana is the Godkiller and not her sword. She bangs her bracelets together and creates an energy blast that incinerates Ares’s body and traps him back in the Tartarus. The world is saved and Diana chooses to stay and help as it is her duty.

>Over time other wars happen and she decides humans are dicks regardless of Ares and just sorta’ quits.

>Diana finishes her e-mail by saying Superman’s death has shown her people are capable of being good and accepts to join Batman’s team. She then hears about a flaming building nearby and springs to help.

>No cameos other than Barry Allen and Arthur Curry being name dropped on the e-mail exchange.

>Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright are also pretty wasted as Diana’s mother and aunt. Especially Wright who only gets like three scenes.

Action is mostly good though it overuses slow-motion.

>Ares is mostly CGI in his final form. He has an armor; a horned helmet; a long cape; a big-ass sword and a shield that gets bigger to protect his full body if necessary.

>Humor is sparse and hit and miss. There’s some genuinely funny scenes and some not so much.

>There’s a scene where Steve and Diana are sharing a boat on the way back to Men’s World and end up lying next to each other. Diana tells Steve her background and how’s she was brought to life by Zeus from a clay statue and whatnot. Steve asks her if she even knows what sex is. She doesn’t.

>In another scene Diana inquires Steve about what his wristwatch is. He tells her it’s a device to keep time and know when to wake up or eat. She’s puzzled someone would let a machine tell them when to do these things.

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is the best character in the movie and overshadows Wonder Woman hard at times.

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