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Sony’s Animated SPIDER-MAN Confirms The Lead!

News on the upcoming December 2018 release for the Animated Spider-Man has been more or less nonexistent, until now!

A Casting call for voice actors is out and the studio is looking for a Male 13-15 who is described as “a young African-American/Puerto Rican teen from Brooklyn; he is new to this suburban school and now feeling out of place, overwhelmed, pressured with new responsibilities, and dealing with puberty; while trying to fit in he must do his best to stay out of trouble; along the way in developing his identity he’s losing old friends but now making a new one, Pete.”


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and along with that also come the casting of his best friend “Pete” “a young, slightly geeky, Asian-American teen; he’s smart, sweet, and encouraging; although very unlike any of the friends Terrence had in his old Brooklyn neighborhood, Pete proves to be a good fit for Terrence making good decisions.”

Now anyone who has picked up comic in the last few years will no doubt notice that these 2 names are placeholders for Miles Morales and his best friend Gank. More news as we get it!