Secrets Out for “Secret Empire.”

It’s a secret.

Shhhh. Shut up.

Hey everyone this will be short because we know literally nothing about this news accept for the teaser image of Steve Rogers current shield and the title of Secret Empire.

This new what I presume will be an event will obviously involve the captain himself but the “Empire” is giving me some Hydra-esque vibes. And considering where Nick Spencer has taken the Sentinel of Liberty it would be no surprise if it went there. Some believe this event will be Miles Morales killing Steve Rogers like it was predicted in Ulysses vision. Hey, we just got through a second civil war and we all know what happened to Steve after the last one.

We will provide more info on this as the story develops.

Thanks for reading Secret Fans and have a Marvelous Day!

Source via ComicBookResources.com

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