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Patrick Wilson Cast as Ocean Master in the ‘Aquaman’ Movie!

The movie starring DC’s King of Atlantis casts Patrick Wilson in a brotherly role!

It would appear that the casting for Aquaman has just gotten a whole lot more interesting, as the 2018 movie has seemingly cast its first villainous character. In an exclusive scoop from Deadline, they’ve reported that Patrick Wilson has joined the production  of Aquaman as Arthur Curry’s nefarious brother Orm, also known as the Ocean Master.


Fans of Aquaman have been clamoring for awhile to see all facets of the King of the Seven Seas, including his rather Shakespearean family dilemmas, and it looks like we’ll be getting it with this casting inclusion. Ocean Master in the comics is the brother of Arthur Curry (known to Atlantis as King Orin), who turned to the dark side for a great number of reasons, but it always came back to one thing: the Throne of Atlantis. Whether he will be the main antagonist of the picture remains to be seen, but it’s likely that Orm will have his own plans and goals in mind when the movie splashes into theaters come October 5. The film was originally set to premiere in July of that year, but it had been pushed back a few weeks to presumably allow more time in post-production. Thankfully this news softens the blow a little bit, giving us a new character entering the fray of the movie. It had been rumored around August that Black Manta would be the main villain of the film, which still remains to be seen, however this may indicate he won’t be the only threat to Arthur’s throne.

Aquaman stars Jason Mamoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, and is directed by James Wan.


Source via Deadline

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