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JEAN GREY Creative Team Describes New Solo as a Race Against Time!

As we get closer and closer to Marvel’s newest line of X-Books, RessurXion (a very, VERY fitting title, all things considered), more information continues to drop into the laps of fans everywhere with today being no different. In particular we’ve gotten some fiery news concerning the favorite red-headed host of the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey, and it might be a bit more…apocalyptic then one might expect.


No no, not THAT Apocalypse, but the series is being described as somewhat a race against the future, as Jean receives a premonition of the Phoenix Force and its impending arrival on Earth. Coming from an interview with Newsarama, Dennis Hopeless, the writer for the project, gave some details on what to expect from the trials of a young Jean Grey attempting to save the world from a power that’s haunted her legacy for decades.

“It’s a sort of trials of Hercules story. Jean gets a premonition of sorts. She’s told the Phoenix is back in play and that the Earth is doomed unless Jean Grey can step up. Unfortunately, the Jean Grey we have is a wildly unprepared teenager. Our Jean needs to level up in a hurry. She needs to step into those huge shoes and become the full grown badass we all know she will eventually. So… she straps in and heads out to get some life experience.”


Huge shoes indeed, as who can really ever deal with the knowledge of a cosmic force returning to cause unparalleled destruction and that YOU are the only one capable of stopping it? Hopeless continues to describe many more facets of the book, including the use of her team members from the upcoming X-MEN BLUE series as well as the appearance of some other hosts to the Phoenix Force, with names ranging from Hope Summers, Quentin Quire, Rachel Summers and even the Phoenix Five. Only time will tell who will show up, but its sure to wow readers. More importantly, however, being veteran to Jean Grey (Hopeless had written the character before in his series X-MEN: SEASON ONE) Hopeless describes the nature of Solo series in general, illustrating what he hopes to accomplish for the character.

“No, I just want us to tell a fun, human story that taps into Jean’s brain and reminds the world how amazing she is. The beauty of solo books is that you really get to dig into a single character. There’s so much more space for character work. Team books are about juggling and plate spinning. Solos are about focus. If we do our job, fans will know and love Jean. That’s what I want.”

I think that’s something everyone wants, as well. If you’re excited for the upcoming book starring one of Marvel’s first mutants, be sure to head over to comic stands in Spring of 2017 when  JEAN GREY and several other ResurrXion titles hit shelves!

Source via Newsarama

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