Is “Marvel vs Capcom 4” a Marvelous Reality or Deceitful Rumor?

Are we in fact be taken for a ride?

If you are reading this then, like me, you too are a fan of Marvel Vs Capcom series and are hungry for more. But are we about to get more? There have been leaks of supposed IP addresses for Marvel vs Capcom 4 but nothing too concrete. However more fire was added to this rumor last night when mysterious pictures were released and spread throughout Instragram last night.



The images show Marvel and Capcom done in the fighting games art style with the quote of “Celebrating 20 years.” It is nearly the twentieth anniversary of the series. Perhaps the most telling picture is the one of a metallic 4 with the year of 2017 underneath, possibly hinting at a 2017 release date. Fallout 4 came out in a few months after it was announced so why not this game too? However, in me eyes at least, the 4 logo seems too much like Fant4stic and not enough like the MvC series. Or maybe its the new direction of the series.

Call me an optimist, but perhaps this is Capcom “leaking” these images to garner hype for the unannounced game. Crazier things have been done to promote games.

ComicBookCast will have more info as the story develops and hopefully we will know “When Mahvel.”

Thanks for reading fighting fans and have a Marveous Day!


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