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(Exclusive) Interview with SPIDER-MAN Head Writer Jon Semper Jr.

Spider-Man The Animated Series was a classic superhero television show that entertained many viewers in the 1990’s. It tapped into the serialized nature of comics, long story arcs, and welcomed many other MARVEL heroes such as X-Men, Punisher, and Daredevil. And while the show ended after 65 episodes, making it the longest running Spider-man show to date, fans consider it to be one of the best Spider-Man shows ever.

The producer and head writer for Spider-Man was Jon Semper Jr., and is now creating his next project War of the Rocketmen. Curious about this project and wanting to learn more, I decided to reach out him. Here are his responses to my questions.


Will this show be similar to Spider-Man in story structure and writing or will this be something completely new?

Semper: The show will be similar to Spider-Man in dramatic structure, but without the constrictions normally imposed by a TV network trying to draw in the 6 – 11 year olds. So there will be high-adrenalin adventure and an emphasis on character development, but nothing will have to be softened or simplified for the younger crowd. I guess the closest thing I’d compare it to would be Arrow or The Flash, but with the kind of creative production value that live-action can’t afford and that only animation allows. And, of course, the other dramatic similarity to Spider-Man will be that the Spidey core cast will be performing the voices, so the acting will be top notch.


Will we see the show on the internet, on a television network or will it be on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus

Semper: I’m hoping that the main outlet for War of the Rocketmen will be some form of video-on-demand – i.e. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, et al. I’m not very interested in having it end up on a network. I’d prefer to have more creative freedom than a network typically allows.


How would you label War of the Rocketmen? Will it be a show like Spider-Man where it can be watched and enjoyed by any age or will it be aimed for a more young adult audience?

Semper: War of the Rocketmen will be written for adults, but it will probably be something that kids would enjoy, too. Again, I’d compare it to The Flash (as opposed to Arrow or Gotham which are a little more violent.) I’m not very interested in aiming it specifically toward a young adult audience, but they’re welcome to come along for the ride.


I know this is a crowdfunded project, so my final question is when can fans start to donate to this project? The next month or two or will it be longer?

Semper: I’m generating artwork and a show bible right now for the Kickstarter campaign. I only just finished writing the show bible last night, which I will be handing out to the two artists who are attached to this project already. Hopefully we’ll go live with the Kickstarter (or Indiegogo) campaign in March or May. Be sure to keep an eye open for the premiums given out in exchange for donations. They will probably be unique, Spider-Man-related giveaways.


Thank you for answering my questions Mr. Semper.

Semper: Thanks for being a Spidey friend and thanks for your interest in War of the Rocketmen.


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“During World War II, they were a secret squadron protecting the skies of America from spies, saboteurs and other agents of destruction. They employed a top secret technology that allowed a man to defy gravity with the aid of a futuristic jetpack. They were the ROCKETMEN, and theirs was a battle that no history book has yet to record. But when a band of fliers armed with a similar Nazi technology threatens to invade the U.S.A., a secret war ensues that threatens freedom and democracy. And as airmen take to the skies to stage this battle of the millennium, thus begins the…WAR OF THE ROCKETMEN!”

War of the Rocketmen stars Christopher Daniel Barnes, Ed Asner, Saratoga Ballantine, Jennifer Hale, Gregg Berger, Rodney Saulsberry, Gary Imhoff, and Patrick Labyorteaux.


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