“Injustice 2” Special Editions Announced.

But are the prices justified?

Today we got a story trailer for Injustice 2 which not only confirmed the additions of Robin, Poison Ivy and Brainiac but also DLC characters. Not only is Darkseid available via pre-ordering the game, two special editions were revealed too.

There is the standard edition which will run for the regular $59.99 price while also being offered is a digital deluxe edition which will have three DLC fighters, a Power Girl skin, and an exclusive gear shader pack. Finally there is the ultimate edition which will have nine fighters, three skins to transform Flash, Supergirl and Green Lantern into alternate characters and two shader packs. All that for the price of $100! Yep. Hundred dollars for extra characters.

See this is when I don’t like special editions sometimes. Everything they are offering is all digital so you know it will be included in a later “golden” edition or “ultimate.” I would be fine with the price if maybe they added something physical. Getting physical items used to make pre-ordering worth wild! Maybe these 9 extra characters will be cool but for now I am sticking with the standard edition.

Thanks for reading Injustice fans and have a Marvelous Day!

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