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ICEMAN Creative Team Talks Bobby Drake’s First Solo Book

If you can feel that crisp wind of Fall rolling in and that slight bit of excitement in the air, you can bet that it is all of those Marvel fans jumping up and down for joy at the news of all new X-Men titles and Solo books, which will be rolling out under the Marvel NOW banner sooner rather than later (I guess NOWER wasn’t as catchy of a title). Today, some especially exciting creative talk came out concerning one of those many books, ICEMAN, which will be seeing Bobby Drake take on his own solo comic for the first time in…well, ever! With a creative team comprised of writer Sina Grace, interior artist Alessandro Vitti, and cover artist Kevin Wada, fans can expect quite a memorable dive into one of Marvel’s proudest and headline mutants since the X-Men first graced comic pages back in 1963. To shed some light on the actual book, Nerdist was able to get a special interview with Sina Grace and Series Editor Daniel Ketchum, which gives us a better look into what they are aiming to accomplish with this book.



You’ll be able to check out the full interview by clicking the link above or below, but the general idea boils down to the fact that Bobby, a full fledged member of the X-Men and mentor to potential X-Men, has realized that after so many years he has no true legacy to leave behind as a hero besides being the jokey member of the team that occasionally threw an iceball. That’s not to say Iceman’s role in the team wasn’t quintessential, but with the realization that his fellow original members have gone on to leave behind magnificent (or in some cases, infamous) legacies, Bobby realizes that it is time for him to blaze a trail of his own and leave behind a greater image of himself on the world, that of a true hero.

And for those of you wondering, it is detailed that the series will be tackling Bobby’s homosexuality in a big way, introduced by writer Brian Michael Bendis back in last year’s Uncanny  X-Men #600. In fact, Sina Grace detailed that we might see how Bobby’s new understanding of himself impacts those around and close to him, in particular a special interaction with one of his many female exes.

“Part of the story and the adventures he has moving forward include the space where he does have a very touching interaction with one of the ladies, and we might have some more sprinkled in when it’s organic to the book. But that’s something that everyone can relate to, when you’re holding onto something for a long time, and that decision can have an impact on everyone around him” 

It definitely seems like this solo book is going to be an attempt to better understand Bobby as a character, on his own and leading his own life, and that bit about how those around him are affected seems like something that can definitely add another layer to the new element of the character. In any case, ICEMAN looks like its shaping up to be one great new look at one of our favorite mutants. What do you guys think, are you excited for ICEMAN? If so, stay tuned, as this and many more X-Titles will be hitting store shelves in Spring of 2017!

Source via Nerdist

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