Voice Actor Greg Eagles

(Exclusive) Interview with Voice Actor Greg Eagles

Live from the San Diego Comic Con!

That’s right, I am here at SDCC and have been able to snag a quick interview with Greg Eagles.

For those who don’t know, Greg Eagles is a voice actor known for his roles such as Jax in Mortal Kombat X, Peter Stillman in MGS2, Luke Cage in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and his most recognizable role as Grim from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Preston: So, Grim Adventures was originally part of the Grim and Evil series. Did you ever expect Grim Adventures to turn into one of the longest Cartoon Network show with it’s own movies?

Greg: Absolutely not. When we did it was part of the Evil Con Carne series as you stated, but no I did not expect it at all.  I don’t even think the creator expect it either. Maxwell Adams didn’t expect it at all. We were very fortunate that it had as much life as it could.

Preston: In voice acting, you get a character sheet to see what the character looks like. But were you told that Grim was going to have this Jamaican Caribbean accent or was that a choice of your own?

Greg: No, we just came up with it. We were kind of fishing around as to what kind of accent to use. I said, well let’s try this kind of spooky Jamaican kind of thing and they loved it and it kind of stuck. Initially, Adams wanted more of a British accent. So like a Shakespearean thing.

Preston: You are now the voice of Jax in Mortal Kombat X. When doing his voice, do you try to make it your own or are you trying to sound as much as the actor before you?

Greg: No, I didn’t even listen to the actor before me. I just came in, did my own thing in my own voice.

Preston: Final question. There’s a lot of DLC coming out for Mortal Kombat X. Do you record that before hand or are you brought into the studio to record the new DLC?

Greg: No, I just did the first two actually. Why that happened is because the game took off and some individual players they didn’t…Well, let’s just say we weren’t offered as much money as we should have gotten based on those sales. So that’s why a lot of people didn’t return.

Preston: All right, well thank you Mr. Elles for taking the time to come by and talk on the show.

Greg: No problem man.

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