(Exclusive) Interview with “Deadpool” writer Gerry Duggan

The man behind the merc with a mouth gives us an update on 1872.

A while ago I was able to speak with Gerry Duggan, current writer of Deadpool and the Uncanny Avengers. While we briefly talked about some of his work with Wade, such as the issue that talked about suicide and his jab at Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends show with the recent annual, what I really wanted to talk about was the Secret Wars mini series 1872. And from the look of excitement in his eye he did too.

For those who don’t know, 1872 took place in an alternate universe where all the Marvel characters exist in the year 1872 in a Wild West like setting. We have Steve Rogers as the sheriff, Vision as fortune telling robot and the Punisher is instead Pastor Frank. I personally loved 1872 and wanted more, especially with the tease of “to be continued” at the end of the final issue.

When I brought up the possibility of 1872 coming back, Mr. Duggan said he is trying to bring it back as a mini-series but hasn’t had any success selling it to Marvel. It is more likely to get attention if he labels it Deadpool: 1872 and it follows the adventures of Pastor Frank and Wade the Merc. He hopes to also answer questions left unanswered in the original 1872 run like what happened to Bruce Banner and what did the Vision’s fortune card tell Tony?

A new 1872 character he plans to introduce is 1872 Hawkeye who is a Native American that goes deaf from scarlet fever. Knowing how well Deadpool and Hawkye work off each other it can be safe to assume we will see Hawkeye in Deadpool 1872 if it is made. And it can with your help.

Duggan is encouraging fans that if they want more 1872 they just have to e-mail Marvel and show that the interest in the series still exists.

Well I for one am excited of another 1872 series and would love for it to come back. I would like to thank Mr. Duggan for taking the time to talk with me and you for reading!

Thanks for reading partner and have a Marvelous Day!

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