(Exclusive) Interview with ComicConBox

Imagine your own Comic Con at your front door.

That is the idea behind this brand new subscription box. ComicConBox delivers to you a box that is filled with comic con level items such as toys, comics and even autographs.

Wanting to know more about this subscription box, I went out for an interview with them. These were their responses to my questions.

Preston: For those who don’t know, what is ComicConBox and how is it different from other delivery box companies such as Loot Crate?

CCB: ComicConBox is a PREMIUM monthly box that truly brings Comic Con to doorsteps of the fans. Although we love and respect “the other guys,” there is simply nobody in the industry that can compare to the quality and variation of products you will receive in your ComicConBox.

Preston: The idea of ComicConBox is that it is like Comic Con in each box. But does that mean we could see potential themes for your boxes in the future?

CCB: YES, we will always have monthly themes announced. For example, Box One was “IT BEGINS!” and Box Two is “ASSEMBLE,” now on sale.

Preston: Will these boxes have exclusives we could not get anywhere else?


Preston: Your website says that some boxes may even have autographs. Will these be photos or on items in the box? Whose autographs can we expect?

CCB: Autographs from Comic Con talent might be on pictures, toys, merch, etc. The Comic Con talent are generally celebrities that attend Wizard World Comic Con shows around the US this year (Chris Hemsworth, Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan, WWE Superstar John Cena, etc.)

Preston: The box itself is thirty dollars a month, but how much value would you give the content in each said box?

CCB: Many boxes have premium “mystery items” that make them much more valuable than others being shipped that month. The retail value is anywhere between $70$125 per box.

Preston: Your first box sold out. Congratulations of course, but does this mean each months box is limited? Will they all have the potential to sell out?

CCB: Thank you for the congratulations. As of right now, yes, all monthly boxes have the potential to sell out. If people are interested, we would highly suggest not waiting, as we sold out of our Box One in only 6 days!

Preston: Finally, any hints on what may be in the next box?

CCB: To celebrate the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, our Box Two theme is ASSEMBLE!! We just announced our partnership with Marvel for a ComicConBox exclusive Secret Wars variant comic by artist Mike Deodato. Color variant to be included in all monthly orders, Color AND Sketch variants included in Box Two when customers sign up for a 3-month subscription. These comic books are very limited and rare. See more at

Preston: Thanks for answering my questions.

CCB: No problem. Take care.

So there you have it. For thirty dollars, you can get your own ComicConBox and who knows what may be inside? An autographed POP figure? A cool exclusive?  The first box sold out within a week, so if you are interested in subscribing, check out their site.

I should be receiving my first ComicConBox this week and I will be sure to tell what was in it and what I think of this new service.

Thank you and have a Marvelous day.

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