(Exclusive) Interview with Comic Writer Gerry Conway

In the 1980’s, comic book readers were introduced to a new kind of character. He killed without mercy, wore a white skull on his shirt, and sported white go-go boots. This was the Punisher and he was another creation by legendary comic book writer Gerry Conway.

Besides the Punisher, Conway also created Firestorm, Vixen, Jason Todd, Killer Croc, Ms. Marvel, Power Girl, Jackal, Vibe, Steel and was the man behind the death of Gwen Stacey. Coway is currently writing the Spiral story arc for the Amazing Spider-Man series and having the opportunity to meet him, I decided to ask him some questions. Here are his responses.

Preston: You are the man who killed Gwen Stacey. Now was it your idea to kill Gwen or were you told to do it?

Conway: It was specifically my idea to kill that particular character. We were looking for something to shake up the book and give a sense of raising the stakes. During the discussion of which character to kill, I suggested Gwen.

Preston: The CW shows have done a lot of your characters in live action. How do you feel about some of their portrayls like Firestorm?

Conway: I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. I think they are doing a bang up job adapting them to T.V.

Preston: You also wrote Superman vs Spider-Man and it was the first crossover between MARVEL and DC, right?

Conway: That’s right.

Preston: How did that come to be? Was it your idea? Did Stan Lee want this to happen? How’d it happen?

Conway: That actually was the result of an agent named Dan Onstroff. He was Stan Lee’s agent at the time and he came up with the notion of “Why has MARVEL or DC not done any crossover books? If we could set it up, that’d be great!” They set it up, I happened to have just come over to DC from MARVEL. I was the most prominent writer at the time, so they asked me to do the book.

Preston: Finally, you are actually coming back to Spider-Man. You are focusing more on a grounded story. More street level Spidey. Do you enjoy writing these street level stories?

Conway: I think I enjoy Spider-Mn as a character in general. When I was writing back in the 70’s and 80’s, I tended to focus on the more street level stories because it’s a comfort zone for me.

Preston: All right. Thank you Mr. Conway.

Conway: And thank you.


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