Artist Lord Mesa

(Exclusive) Interview with Artist Lord Mesa

My Meeting with Mesa.

This interview has taken awhile for me to complete. Not only due to the difficulty of trying to interview a popular artist at one of the largest comic book conventions when his booth is constantly filled with fans, but also because the interview footage with him was seemingly lost. This is why reporters like Clark Kent use a pad and paper. That stuff can’t be corrupted.

But luckily I found a back-up of my interview with Lord Mesa taken at the San Diego Comic Con of 2015. Lord Mesa. Perhaps you’ve seen his art work on his Facebook page here, on a comic book themed page, or on Stephen Amell’s Fan Art Fridays, where his work is usually posted by the Arrow star himself. Besides his work being posted by the Green Arrow, Mesa has recently been commissioned by both Stephen and Robbie Amell to make a postcard for their crowd funded project Code8.

You can’t buy his art wok online, so if you want a piece by Mesa then hope he’s at a con near you. He even has special 3-D prints that require no glasses somehow! (I suspect witchcraft is involved somehow).

So if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the artist himself, here is ComicBookCast’s exclusive interview!

Preston: Let’s start with a simple question. What is the inspiration for your kind of art style that you use?

Mesa: Inspiration comes from my…I was always a fan of chibi artwork, Japanese style. I always like how they get their different characters in that like super deformed drawing style. And then the other part of it comes from my favorite animated movie, which is Tarzan by Disney. My favorite part of that movie is when he was a little kid. I liked the way he was drawn and how he was animated. So when I started doing these I had those two kind of inspirations.

Preston: What kind of medium  do you use for your art?

Mesa: I work on an Apple IMac.

Preston: Your drawings from Flash and Arrow usually have a little joke from that weeks episode. Is there a process you use when watching the show for you’e next drawing?

(This answer comes from my notebook due to corrupted audio) Mesa: Well for Flash, it’s easy because there’s so many jokes in it to make a drawing with like a funny caption or joke. Arrow, because it is darker,I have to watch the episode a couple times to get an idea for a drawing for it, maybe just twice.

Preston: Well, it is supposed to be a lighter season this year.

Mesa; True, true.

I then ended my interview with Mesa as he returned to his long line of fans waiting to purchase art work from him (Like I did). He did mention how he wanted to do a sort of children’s book using characters from Arrow and Flash and even proposed the idea to Marc Guggenheim. While Guggenheim was interested, considering his busy schedule with Arrow, Flash, and Legends, Mesa continues his work on internet favorite pictures and con trips. If you want to stay update with Mesa, follow him on his Facebook here.

Thanks to Lord Mesa for the interview. Sorry it took so long. Next time I’ll have better equipment on site. Thanks for reading and have a Marvelous Day!

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