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Black Flash Running To LEGENDS OF TOMORROW!

Run Legends, Run!

Zoom is back? In a recent interview with Marc Guggenheim talking about a lot of the CW DC television shows, including Martin Stein’s daughter appearing on The Flash and a surprise character coming to Arrow soon. But the one tidbit everyone is focused on is “We’re going to see the Black Flash on Legends.”

So those who don’t know Black Flash is basically Death for Speedsters. The only one fast enough to kill them. This could be good for the Legends since they are being bothered by the Reverse Flash or it could be another obstacle for them.

We saw Black Flash teased at the season 2 finale of The Flash where Zoom was transformed into a zombie like entity. The producers have talked about wanting Teddy Sears to return so this may be the avenue for him to return.

I have been enjoying these DCTV shows and can’t wait to see how the Black Flash is done on Legends and if he will pose a threat to the team. I am glad with how  this DCTV universe has been using their mythology and characters and can’t wait for this universe to be expanded even further.

Thanks for reading legendary fans and have a Marvelous Day!

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