AQUAMAN Hooks Abdul Mateen as Black Manta!

Beware Aquaman, the Manta is coming!

The DC Extended Universe was shaken up last night with the departure of Ben Affleck as the director of The Batman nut hopefully this news quells everyone down. Black Manta is coming and we have an actor!

Get Down star Yaha Abdul Mateen II will portray Aquaman’s greatest foe and if you haven’t seen the Netflix give it a shot. All episodes are Netflix and only an hour each.

I am stocked by this news because Black Manta is one of my favorite DC baddies and I hope he makes an amazing transition to live action. Take note of David Finch’s artwork of Manta for inspiration.

Not much else to say but Aquaman is shaping up to be one of the better DCEU movies.

Thanks for reading Aquafans and have a Marvelous Day!

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