Hercules Turns Over a New Leaf in the All-New, All-Different Marvel

The Mighty Hercules returns to the Marvel Universe, ready to start a new lease on life!

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DC Comics Logo

Didio & Lee speak on DK3, The Fate of Vertigo, and DC’s Evolving Audience

The Dark Knight III, Vertigo’s future, and DC’s Audience were all hot topics when Didio & Lee took to the press.

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Channing Tatum Comic Con 2015

Channing Tatum Unsure on The Gamble That is GAMBIT

It looks Channing Tatum might not be too keen on being a Gambit in a gambling world of supehero movies.

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TAS Joker

Mark Hamill Set to Reprise The Joker for THE KILLING JOKE Animated Film

Was there ever any doubt? The True Clown Prince of Crime Returns!

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Andrew Howard on Shield

Andrew Howard Gains Level 7 Access on AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

Welcome aboard Agent Howard.

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Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel Soars Into Her Relaunch in December

Marvel’s mightiest heroine is returning with a new series, with a special guest star!

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black panther

Black Panther Crowned New Comic Series

Black Panther Power!

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Arrow Adds Villains

New Villains Aim to Take Down Green Arrow in Season 4

Season 4 adds more colorful foes for Oliver Queen.

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Jurassic World Sequel is Officially Announced

Universal Studios has officially announced a sequel to Jurassic World.

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Rob McElhenney Will Direct Minecraft Movie

Rob McElhenney Keeps it Sunny as He Directs MINECRAFT

Mac is moving on from Paddy’s Pub to Minecraft.

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Xena Warrior Princess

XENA: THE WARRIOR PRINCESS Looks to Return to The World

The Amazonian Warrior could be finding her way back to television screens this 2016!

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DC and Star Wars Look to Join the Collector Box World

Too…many…subscription boxes!

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Sword in the Stone

SWORD IN THE STONE Pulled Towards Live Action

Merlyn uses his magic to go from animation to live action.

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Batman DC You

Weight Of The World on Snyder & Capullo In Latest Batman Story Arc

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo took to the press recently to confront the challenges and questions that lay in front of them head on in latest Batman story arc “SUPERHEAVY”

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Alexander Calvert Will Play Anarky

Alexander Calvert Will Cause Anarchy in ARROW

Alexander Calvert looks to cause even more anarchy on TV as he switches from being bad on Bates Motel to Arrow.

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Marvel Phase 2

Marvel MCU Phase 2 Collection Will Be Flying Through Amazon

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Cyborg DC You Cover

Cyborg Gets Software Updates Including Look, Tech, & Threats

See what David F. Walker had to say on his upgrades to the schematics on the Cyborg mythos.

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Echo Kellum Will Play Mr Terrific

Echo Kellum Becomes a Terrific Hero in ARROW

After the announcement via a WWE style promo at San Diego Comic con by Stephen Amell that Arrow season 4 would be more fun it looks like it’s going to become even more terrific.

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John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein

VACATION Writers Take a Road Trip to Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN

It looks like Spider-Man and his writers will be going on a vacation before he stars in his own film in 2017.

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BACK TO THE FUTURE Gets 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Collection!

We’re going to watch it one more time!

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Kevin Smith Comic Con Panel

Kevin Smith to Finally Start Filming CLERKS 3 and MALLRATS 2

Straight from Dante Hicks himself.

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Adam Copeland Will Play Atom Smasher

Adam Copeland Is Ready to Smash Atoms in THE FLASH

I don’t get it? Is his name Adam Copeland or Atom Copeland?

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Michael Cera Will Voice Robin in Lego Batman

Michael Cera Takes Up The Mantle of Boy Wonder in LEGO BATMAN

Will Arnette and Michael Cera; the new Dynamic Duo.

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Amy Manson Will Play Merida

Amy Manson Will Be Brave in ONCE UPON A TIME

Merida makes her way to Storybrooke.

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Michael Ironside Joins The Flash

Michael Ironside Will Become a Father in THE FLASH

Michael Ironside returns to the DC universe!

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All-New, All-Different Marvel

Marvel Unpacks Their All-New, All-Different Universe in Their October Solicitations!

Check out what Marvel has in store, when they unleash their All-New, All-Different Universe this October!

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DC Comics Logo

DC’s October Solicitations are Injustice, Eternal, & So Much More

DC is packing quite the punch come October with their monthly set of books!

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Hotel Transylvania

Make Reservations for a HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Television Series.

The Drac Pack hit the small screen.

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NBC Emerald City Logo

Tarsem Singh to Follow the Yellow Brick Road for EMERALD CITY

Follow the yellow brick road! Follow the-

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Suicide Squad Movie Logo

SUICIDE SQUAD Comic Con First Look Hits the Online Streets

It’s time for bad vs evil!

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(Exclusive) Interview with Voice Actor Greg Eagles

Live from the San Diego Comic Con!

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Deadpool Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Deadpool Fast Talk Their Way Into a New Team-Up Book!

Spidey and Deadpool? In the same book? With Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness responsible?!

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Blade Returns to the Marvel Universe Alongside…His Daughter?

Blade’s coming back, and this time, he’ll be teaching his long lost daughter all about the family business.

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The Flash

The Flash and Aquaman Join EARTH ONE in Their Own Graphic Novels!

The Flash and Aquaman join Earth One in 2016!

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Supergirl Looing Into The Mirror

SUPERGIRL Prepares for Battle as Season 1 Approaches

Up, Up, and Away Supergirl goes!

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Title

DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Will Showcase Legendary Elements

Heroes get remembered but Legends never die.

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The Flash TV

THE FLASH Will Switch Gears as it Heads to Season 2

As Cisco would say “May the speedforce be with you young speedsters.”

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Green Arrow Stpehen Amell

ARROW Looks to Flip the Script in Season 4

Welp guys i never thought i’d say this but The Green Arrow is finally here!

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Vixen CW

VIXEN Slashes Her Way into a New Trailer

Move over Barry and Oliver, there’s a new girl in town, and she’s got a wild side! 

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Green Lantern Reboot will be titled GREEN LANTERN CORPS

At Warner Bros.’ Hall H panel earlier today, a highlight reel was shown featuring concept art and title treatments for each of the upcoming DC Comics adaptations.

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Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Logo

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Comic Con Trailer Debuts Online

And here we go!

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The End of Days Draws Nearer in This New “X-Men: Apocalypse” Poster!

Armageddon reigns at SDCC, as an all-new X-Men: Apocalypse poster is handed out!

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Punisher Logo

Better Look at Jon Bernthal on the Set of Daredevil Season 2

We now have a better look at Jon Bernthal on the set of Daredevil season 2 because the last batch of pictures were so blurry that Reverse Flash could b in Daredevil season 2.

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DC Comics Logo

DC Entertainment Announces Three New Animated Features for 2016

DC is coming back with a new joke. It’s a killer, too.

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Jay Garrick Punching Professor Zoom

Jay Garrick Accelerates Into THE FLASH Season 2

Jay Garrick? That’s Harrison Welles cue to leave.

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Batman Robin Eternal

The Dynamic Duo Claim Eternal Life in BATMAN AND ROBIN: ETERNAL

Rising from the ashes of Batman Eternal, Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV will be returning to their Eternal series, this time highlighting Batman and all of his allies, reuniting the Dynamic Duo once more!

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Three New Limited Titles Converge Upon DC Comics

In the wake of DC’s multiversal event, Convergence, DC Comics is putting out three new limited series based on the aftermath of worlds transformed by the event.

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Sam Wilson Captain America

Comic-Con Goes Through Cover Madness

Today, there was a cornucopia of cover releases from Comic-Con, and we’ll be helping you sift through them all!

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Star Wars 1

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Behind the Scenes Footage Debuts Online

Chewie, we’re home!

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Lash the Inhuman

The Inhumans Are Ovetaking MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

It looks like even more Inhumans are being invite to the biggest party of the year over at Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

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Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Logo

New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer is on the Comic Con Horizon

Looks like the internet will be getting a second dose of Batman v Superman at comic con!

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them FanMade

A Couple of Muggles Hop on the Train to FANTASTIC BEASTS & WHERE TO FIND THEM

It seems WB will be doing something very different with the Harry Potter franchise than before because they have just cast someone to play a lead character who is a Muggle!

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Batman TMNT Comic Crossover

The Dark Knight Heads to the Sewers in TMNT Crossover

Heroes in a half-shell. Bat Power!

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Taylor Kitsch in True Detective

Taylor Kitsch Has Nothing But Love For Channing Tatum as Gambit

Taylor Kitsch who the world knows as Football Star Tim Riggins from Dillon, Texas has recently came out of hibernation or the filming of True Detective season 2 to tell the internet he’s not mad about Channing “Cha Cha” Tatum becoming the new Gambit and possibly in a better movie than the one Kitsch starred in.

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Neal Mcdonough is Damien Darhk

Neal McDonough Is Going Darhk For ARROW Season 4

Neal McDonough has gone from the 1940′s as Dum-Dum Dugan to the modern day as a man who controls a hive of criminals.

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Colin Trevorrow Will Direct Star Wars Episode 9

Colin Trevorrow Will Need a Guide to the Galaxy as He Sets to Direct STAR WARS: EPISODE 9

Colin Trevorrow looks to ditch the lands of the dinosaurs for the space of the wars as it is now rumored that he will direct Star Wars: Episode 9 for LucasFilm.

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Dark Horse Comics Logo

Dark Horse Entertainment Joins the Land of Comic Book TV Shows

For all of you fans of Dark Horse Comics out there, we’ll be seeing more of their comics get adaptations. T.V. Show adaptations that is.

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G.I. Joe and Street Fighter To Fight in the Arena of Crossovers

The world of the ultimate martial arts championship meets the Joes, from IDW Publishing!

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Supergirl CBS Smallville

Former Supergirl Wants to Appear in SUPERGIRL

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Laura Vandervoot!

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Warcraft Movie Logo

WARCRAFT Heads to the Land of Comics With Movie Tie-In

Hopefully the art won’t suffer from LAG.

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Affleck Johns Baman Movie Announcement

Ben Affleck and DC’s Geoff Johns Will Beome The Knight With Stand-Alone Batman Film

No this is not a drill, it has been reported that Americas’s Sweetheart Ben Affleck and DC’s Golden boy Geoff Johns will co-write the stand-alone Batman film that was rumored many moons ago when Warner Bros. announced their slate of DC movies.

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Dark Knigh 3 Master Race Tease


DC came out swinging at comic-con.

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Sarah Lance DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Caity Lotz Talks DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and a Possible Canary vs Canary Fight

With it being the eve of Comic Con in San Diego so much has been happening for no only comic book movies but for comic book tv shows and why not talk about a show that is so comic book it doesn’t even make sense sometimes.

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Marisa Tomei Aunt May

Marissa Tomei Will Learn to Be Protective in SPIDER-MAN

A new Aunt May? Oh my heart!

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Previews for JLA #2 Fly Through the Internet

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Black Panther Civil War Logo

Black Panther Will Stand His Ground in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

Well it looks like The King of Wakanda will remain neutral when it comes to the reason why Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Steve Rogers aka Captain America will butt heads in Captain America: Civil War.

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Elodie Young Cast as Elektra

Elodie Yung Suits Up for Daredevil Season 2

It looks like Daredevil is adding a certain sai weilding, red wearing bad ass woman in Elektra to Daredevil Season 2 and Elodie Yung gets the honor to potray Elektra, one might wonder if she called on Jennifer Garner for advice or is that just me wondering.

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Darth Vader Will Possibly Plague the Heroes of STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY: ROGUE ONE

According to a new rumor a familar Dark Lord of the Sith might be appearing in the first Anthology film in the Star Wars series next year.

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Han Solo Spinoff Lord and Miller

Phil Lord and Chris Miller Are Heading to Lightspeed With Star Wars Han Solo Spinoff

It looks like LucasFilm is in the business of Lord and Miller as it has been reported that The Lego Movie and Jump Street Directors will be helming a Star Wars spin off movie reportedly about Han solo.

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Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Logo


Recently Entertainment Weekly published a cover that featured DC’s trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as well as still from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but if you were thinking the same thing as me you probably thought “Wow these images are cool and all but they are such low quality, how am I supposed to put this as my banner!”

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Writers Shake and Quake for Aftershock Comics

We are days away from Comic-Con and we are hit with some earth-shattering news! 

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THE SIMPSONS Won’t be Getting Any New Neighbors as Harry Shearer Returns

D’oh! No wait, I mean Woo Hoo!

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Star Wars Celebration Panel Everyone

The Force Rests as Star Wars Will Not Show New Footage at Comic Con

If you were on of those people that was going to stand in line for days at Comic Con to see new footage of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Hall H… you can probably stay in that line because even if Star wars will not show new footage they’ll still have a lot of other awesome stuff.

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Threadworlds Official

LAST AIRBENDER and LEGEND OF KORRA Creator Announces New Comic Series

Bryan Konietzko, co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, goes from television to graphic novels.

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Dominic Cooper Joins Agent Carter For Season 2

AGENT CARTER Recruits Dominic Cooper For Another Season

Tony’s Dad is back!

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DC Comics Logo

DC Comics To Spotlight 8 Other Characters In New Miniseries

Move over Justice League, Teen Titans, and the like. The other guys are coming through!

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AGENT CARTER to Face Off Against Multiple Marvel Villains

Peggy Carter vs the World.

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Kevin Alejandro Will Uphold the Law in LUCIFER

Lucifer has decided to replace on of their actors with a new actor that fans of Arrow will definitely recognize.

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PINOCCHIO Gains New Strings With Writer and Possible Director

So the Pinocchio film WB is making with Robert Downey Jr as Geppetto has now gotten yet another new writer in director Paul Thomas Anderson who may or may not wind up directing as well.

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Good luck sleeping because Max and the SyFy channel are making a “Creepypasta” anthology series

Since a lot of books and comic-books are being turned into live-action and animated movies and shows,

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All-New All-Different 2

45 All-New, All-Different Covers for Marvel’s October lineup!

Yesterday, Marvel pulled out the stops with all of their title announcements. Now, see part 2 of that announcement with over 45 brand new covers for October!

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All-New, All-Different Marvel

Marvel Comics Breaks New Grounds with Several New October Titles!

Marvel is bursting at the seams with it’s all-new, all-different titles this October!

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Lopez, Taylor, & X-23 All gear Up for Wolverine

x-23 sinks her claws into her new book!

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Some Bizarre Previews!

See what is to come as Bizzaro #2 crash lands onto shelves soon!

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Contest of Champions (2)

The Contest of Champions Rages on in a New Series this October!

Based on the hit mobile game produced in conjunction with Kabam and Marvel, The Contest of Champions returns in a new series from Al Ewing and Paco Medina!

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Speaks on Sandman in Recent AMA

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Beast Joins the Cast of “Uncanny Inhumans”

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It’s a Hulk on Hulk Match Up!

It’s Ultimate Banner against 616′s Doc Green!

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Hulk Gets a Totally Awesome New Book from Greg Pak and Frank Cho

When Secret Wars dies down, a new Hulk will take center stage in the new Marvel Universe, and it will be so Totally Awesome!

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Future Imperfect

New Vicious Look at The Maestro in this Future Imperfect #3 Variant Cover

The Maestro takes on a new, more hulking frame in this variant cover by Mike Deodato!

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Jason Statham Drives Back Into the Action in FAST AND FURIOUS 8

In yet another movie in this stacked franchise Fast & Furious 8 will be coming within the next few years and now we know we will get the same villain from the last film.

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ezra miller2

Ezra Miller Flashes Into the World of Magic With FANTASTIC BEATS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM

That’s right! The Movie Flash himself, Ezra Miller, will be joining the Harry Potter Universe next year in the prequel/spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

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Kevin Feige talks about DC/MARVEL diferences, Comic-Con and PHASE 3

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel’s producer Kevin Feige opened up about the differences between DC and Marvel, why ANT-MAN is so important to the Marvel universe and how things are going to change in Phase 3.

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Spider-Gwen Swings into an All-New, All-Different Series Post Secret Wars!

Everyone’s favorite new webslinging sensation, Spider-Gwen, will return post Secret Wars in a brand new series!

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Tom Halland is the New Spider-Man

Tom Holland and Director Jon Watts Will Bring to Life Marvel’s New Live Action Spider-Man

Stop the presses, I said stop the presses because it is now official by the holy word of Marvel Tom Holland is the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man who will breathe life into the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Hannibal Logo


Someone’s not coming back for seconds.

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Doctor Strange 2

The Sorcerer Supreme is Set to Return in his Own All-New, All-Different Series!

The Marvel Universe will be coming back different after Secret Wars. You could say, it’s going to be getting a little more strange.

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Miles Morales Becomes The Main Spiderman After Secret Wars

That’s right, the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe will continue being different with Miles Morales at the forefront as their new main Spiderman!

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Livewire 2

Babs Tarr’s Electrifying New Look for Livewire!

One of Superman’s most shocking foes is coming to Batgirl next week, with an all new look courtesy of Babs Tarr!

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Television Gets More Southern with “Southern Bastards” Series.

The South Will Rise Again! (On television).

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